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A 50th Birthday Celebration is such an important milestone in one’s life and adding 50th Birthday Celebration Music will be a winning recipe for a funfilled evening.  It will for sure create some interesting conversation pieces.  As our motto at Duo Decadence music states….”music is the language of memory”. 

Our Clarinet player was requested (all the way from Canada!) by Susan to make a surprise entrance at NOOP Restaurant in the picturesque Boland town Paarl, on the “Trumpet Voluntary”, then to deliver a short birthday message to her sister and to congratulate her by  means of a solo clarinet performance on “Happy Birthday”.  What an awesome idea for a 50th Birthday Celebration! 

Susan simply phoned, listened to live extracts from the requested songs over the telephone and organized everything to the finest detail.  What can be more special than an intimate message in our universal language, music.

Our duo’s selection of classical celebration music for 50th birthdays is a perfect fit for such a special and intimate family occasion.  The rich textured sound of violin and clarinet in combination adds charcater to every special celebration!

If you’d like the music to be on the lighter side and include themesongs from movies, songs by Metallica, Led Zeppelin, etc. remember that both our members at Duo Decadence form part of the Cape Wedding Trio.  We simply add a double bass and voila….!  We are very proud to be part of the trio and truly enjoy every note we play and constantly add new pieces to the repertoire.