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Wedding music for Chapels in Stellenbosch

St Anthony’s in the Valley Stellenbosch Chapel for Weddings

Duo Decadence played Wedding Music for Tommie and Elizabeth’s wedding at St Anthony’s in the Valley Chapel, situated on Nagenoeg wine estate.  This charming 80-seater chapel with its most colorful lead glass creations welcomes you as you enter…

Beautiful wedding chapel in Stellenbosch with lead glass windows

Colorful Lead Glass in St Anthony’s in the Valley Wedding Chapel

The bride booked us through this website (all the way from Kiwi-country) and perfectly organized her wedding music via e-mail.  We played the bridesmaids and bride in on Pachelbel Canon in D and the bridal couple chose to leave the chapel on the Mendelssohn Wedding March.

What a delightful wedding, friendly guests, relaxed groom!!!! and overall friendliness we experienced.  The chapel has brilliant acoustics and our combination on violin and clarinet could not be a more perfect choice.  The string and woodwind sound waves met each other and produced a fine, warm and pleasing sound.

St Anthony's in the Valley chapel Stellenbosch

Happy Couple St Anthony’s in the Valley

For wedding music in the chapel at St Anthony’s in the Valley, contact Duo Decadence wedding musicians at elanie.lagrange@gmail.com or phone Elanie on 0836054423.