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It’s been a while since I’ve uploaded some wedding music news, since things have been really hectic with our kiddies’ music eisteddfods, choir accompaniments and well… wedding music!

Stellenbosch Wedding Music for brides. Wedding Marches, wedding music as your guests arrive and wedding music as you leave the church or sign the register. We also do pre-drinks music for your wedding guests while you have your photo's taken. Contact Elanie on 0836054423 or elanie.lagrange@gmail.com

Stellenbosch Wedding Music

As always, it stays our passion to play wedding music on violin and clarinet.  Although we’ve done hundreds of weddings over the past few years, we somehow never ended up playing at Stellenbosch “Moedergemeente”.  Most of the weddings we perform at, take place in the wine-lands and it was good to do a “church” wedding as it was rainy and Cape-Town-Cold on Saturday!  What a gorgeous church with high ceilings, solid wooden beams, lead glass windows and overall lovely architecture.


Book Violin & Clarinet duo at 0836054423 or drop Elanie an email at elanie.lagrange@gmail.com for enquiries and to book your live demo. Stellenbosch Wedding Music - wedding marches, wedding music while guests arrive, wedding music as you leave the church or sign the register. Book in advance!

Stellenbosch Moedergemeente Wedding Music

We had to seriously project to produce some decent tones, and the result was super lovely acoustics!

Thanks Anneke and Gideon for your friendliness and also for being so organized and in control.  It was a privilege to be part of your wonderful day and to be among your chirpy guests.  Anneke’s bridesmaids entered on Air on a G-string by Bach, and she followed on the classical Mendelssohn.

It was also a first for our duo to work with the well-known Stellenbosch Photograper, Nikki Meyer.  We’ll post some decent pics when Nikki’s done with the editing 🙂

Anneke and Gideon tying the knot to live happily ever after. It was great to play you and your bridesmaids in on the ever-so-lovely Air and Mendelssohn!

24 May 2014 Stellenbosch Wedding

Book your violin and clarinet wedding music for your Stellenbosch Wedding – church or outside on the lawn – in advance.  6-8 Months is a good guide, but check for availability with Elanie on 0836054423 or drop her an e-mail.