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Wedding music set up at D'Aria forest wedding venue

D’Aria forest wedding music

So yesterday we discovered the most enchanting little forest, used for small wedding ceremonies.

We set out to D’Aria to play at a small, intimate wedding.  The forest area is easily accessible and caters for about 60-80 people.

The “forest” is rather protected against wind, so the sound of our violin and clarinet duo could carry for quite some distance.


Wedding music 2015 and 2016, book your classical duo on violin and clarinet. We also play contemporary music at your pre-drinks, a lovely variety that proved to be loved by our audiences.

Wedding Music at D’Aria Wedding Venue

Yesterday we had a lovely playing experience with outstanding service at all levels.

We arrived well in time to set up, tune instruments and warm up.

The guests were rather prompt and arrived 20 minutes before the start of the ceremony to listen to our pre-ceremony music while they patiently awaited the arrival of the bride.

Wedding ceremony music for brides in Cape Town, also pre-drinks music while you have your photos taken. Call Elanie on 0836054423 or email elanie.lagrange@gmail.com. Classical and variety of contemporary styles of music. Free demo's.

D’Aria 7 November 2015 Wedding Music

Over the years of playing at weddings, we have experience that the few minutes of music before the start of the wedding ceremony always help to calm the nerves a bit!!!

The sound of the violin also helps to create a relaxed atmosphere wile waiting :-).  Well, all I could say is that yesterday’s wait was all worth it.  The bride simply looked stunning and it was just great to experience true love once more!

D’Aria wedding venue has instantly become one of our new favorite wedding venues to play wedding music.  Simply because of outstanding service on arrival, generous help from staff members, good acoustics at the forest venue, ample shade for our instruments and well… just because of the tranquil atmosphere about this place.

If you’d like us to play your wedding march, pre-weddingceremony music and pre-drinks music you can book a free live demo where we meet, play extracts from our repertoire and discuss the music on the day.  Or simply drop us a mail at elanie.lagrange@gmail.com or call Elanie on 0836054423.