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They celebrated their 16th wedding anniversary, but with him being in the Maldives and she in Somerset West, this hubby needed to be extremely romantic and creative!  He organized for us to perform their favourite Stevie Wonder song,” I just call to say I love you”.  And he specifically wanted romantic violin.

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Violin serenade for Wedding Anniversary

Being apart on your wedding anniversary is not always easy, but at least it does not mean it cannot be romantic!

The staff at Willow Brook Country House quickly (and secretly) organized a romantic setting on the back lawn of the Country House while we set up our music stands and unpacked instruments for the big moment.


Celebrate your wedding anniversary with romantic violin, red roses and champagne! Call Elanie on 0836054423 or email elanie.lagrange@gmaill.com

Violin, Red roses & Champagne to celebrate your wedding anniversary!

They then blindfolded the special lady and steered her right onto the scene – with her husband on Skype! This was awesomely romantic and a very touching moment for everyone present.  One of the staff members removed the blindfold and we immediately welcomed her, introduced ourselves and dedicated the special song to her by simply playing our hearts out.  She was very much surprised and we could notice that this meant the world to her.

Her husband also organized for their favourite (ice cold) champagne and a huge bunch of red roses.

What a lovely, thoughtful idea to shorten the miles between them…. and we could be a part in all of this!  What a blessing.  And what an unusual wedding anniversary surprise!

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