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While we are waiting for the wedding music season in Stellenbosch to kick off, we are enjoying some amazing birthday music gigs!

Last week we celebrated a lovely, stylish twenty first birthday with the birthday girl and her University of Cape Town student friends.  On short notice, we arranged Stevie Wonder’s “Happy Birthday” song for violin and clarinet and set off to play at Tokara Wine Estate.

Violin and clarinet duo for your Tokara twenty first birthday party. Call Elanie on 0836054423 or e-mail elanie.lagrange@gmail.com to book your live background music for your function.

Tokara 21st Birthday Music

While we set up, the birthday crowd had a wine tasting ceremony and soon after that they joined in for lunch.  We performed light classical music and some contemporary favourites as background music, which proved to be popular with the crowd :-).  They had a blast and were in and out for fun photo sessions and outside walks.  During the speeches we faded the music and resumed playing as they again settled into further celebrations and festive behaviour.

Tokara is a wise choice for a 21st birthday-party.  With the most outstanding service, views and hospitality no one can go wrong in choosing Tokara as their venue, no matter the type of function.  Though we were music service providers on the day, we were carried on the hands from our arrival till our departure and were taken care of as if it was our very own function they catered for.  Thanks Tokara!

Our Winter season was filled with birthday music gigs, but our wedding season bookings are now open for Summer 2016/7!  E-mail us on elanie.lagrange@gmail.com or phone Elanie on 0836054423.  Check availability and if you live in/around Stellenbosch, Cape Town, book your (free) live demo with us!