D’Aria Wedding Music


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Wedding music set up at D'Aria forest wedding venue

D’Aria forest wedding music

So yesterday we discovered the most enchanting little forest, used for small wedding ceremonies.

We set out to D’Aria to play at a small, intimate wedding.  The forest area is easily accessible and caters for about 60-80 people.

The “forest” is rather protected against wind, so the sound of our violin and clarinet duo could carry for quite some distance.


Wedding music 2015 and 2016, book your classical duo on violin and clarinet. We also play contemporary music at your pre-drinks, a lovely variety that proved to be loved by our audiences.

Wedding Music at D’Aria Wedding Venue

Yesterday we had a lovely playing experience with outstanding service at all levels.

We arrived well in time to set up, tune instruments and warm up.

The guests were rather prompt and arrived 20 minutes before the start of the ceremony to listen to our pre-ceremony music while they patiently awaited the arrival of the bride.

Wedding ceremony music for brides in Cape Town, also pre-drinks music while you have your photos taken. Call Elanie on 0836054423 or email elanie.lagrange@gmail.com. Classical and variety of contemporary styles of music. Free demo's.

D’Aria 7 November 2015 Wedding Music

Over the years of playing at weddings, we have experience that the few minutes of music before the start of the wedding ceremony always help to calm the nerves a bit!!!

The sound of the violin also helps to create a relaxed atmosphere wile waiting :-).  Well, all I could say is that yesterday’s wait was all worth it.  The bride simply looked stunning and it was just great to experience true love once more!

D’Aria wedding venue has instantly become one of our new favorite wedding venues to play wedding music.  Simply because of outstanding service on arrival, generous help from staff members, good acoustics at the forest venue, ample shade for our instruments and well… just because of the tranquil atmosphere about this place.

If you’d like us to play your wedding march, pre-weddingceremony music and pre-drinks music you can book a free live demo where we meet, play extracts from our repertoire and discuss the music on the day.  Or simply drop us a mail at elanie.lagrange@gmail.com or call Elanie on 0836054423.





Summer Wedding Music 2015 Cape Town


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As summer is slowly, but surely approaching Cape Town, we are also preparing for our new wedding music season.

While October is filled with birthday celebration occasions, November and December are wedding months at Duo Decadence Wedding Music!  We are looking forward to play at D’Aria, Kendal Manor, Nantes Estate in Paarl, Terra Mare Restaurant, Edenheim, La Paris, St Anthony in the Valley and Klein Bottelary Wine Farm.

Please inquire about availability well in time.  Now is a good time to book your February/March 2016 wedding music.

We play your wedding march, pre-service music while guests arrive and light classical music as well as light popular music for your pre-drinks ceremony.  Book your live (free) demo with us!

E-mail: elanie.lagrange@gmail.com

Cell: 0836054423

Wedding Music at Erinvale Gholf Estate, Somerset West


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Wedding Music Erinvale Chapel

Wedding Music Erinvale Chapel

What a lovely new find! This charming chapel at Erinvale Gholf Estate seats about 20-25 wedding guests.  Our wedding music on violin and clarinet is a perfect match for this little chapel.  Brilliant acoustics, enough space to fit in at the back and out of the photographer’s way with overall superb sound.

The chapel is situated right next to the pre-drinks area and very close to the restaurant.  A perfect setting!

Contact Elanie on 0836054423 to book your wedding march music in Stellenbosch, Cape Town, Constantia, Franschhoek, Somerset West and surrounds.  We offer free live demo’s where we meet, play extracts from our wedding music repertoire and discuss everything around your wedding day and music.  This is part of our service.

Looking forward to hear from you!

ps. Brides from abroad, you also are most welcome to contact us.

Stellenbosch Jonkershoek Birthday Picnic Music


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Hire our classical duo for live background music at your picnic. Stellenbosch has great venues and idyllic settings that matches the style of our classical playing.

Jonkershoek Stellenbosch Picnic music

I haven’t blogged in a while, but yesterday as we drove home after we played for a birthday surprise picnic, I just realized that I had to share our experience!  Oh wow, it was idyllic to take a late afternoon scenic drive out to Jonkershoek Nature Reserve in Stellenbosch.

At the gate, we met with the family and drove down to the picnic spot where we set up before the rest of the party arrived.

As they made their way through the pine forest path, we started playing some Mozart minuets and trios.  Our classical duo on clarinet and violin were the surprise element to the party as the family celebrated a 60th birthday.

The weather was perfect, the sound amazing and the whole idea of entertaining a selected, intimate audience in a lovely pine forest in the heart of the Jonkershoek Nature Reserve in Stellenbosch was enough to make you once more so thankful for the gift of making music.

An enthusiastic 74-year old surprised us by taking out his mouth organ as he joined us while we were playing “Jesu Joy of man’s Desirin'”.   As we finished the piece of music, he continued with “Ode to Joy” and this time we improvised and joined him into a much loved performance with lots of laughter and cheer.  A day that won’t be easily forgotten!

You can hire our classical duo on violin and clarinet for your wedding & pre-drinks ceremony, a special birthday celebration or any corporate event or awards ceremony.  Contact us or drop us an e-mail at elanie.lagrange@gmail.com

Stellenbosch Wedding Music


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It’s been a while since I’ve uploaded some wedding music news, since things have been really hectic with our kiddies’ music eisteddfods, choir accompaniments and well… wedding music!

Stellenbosch Wedding Music for brides. Wedding Marches, wedding music as your guests arrive and wedding music as you leave the church or sign the register. We also do pre-drinks music for your wedding guests while you have your photo's taken. Contact Elanie on 0836054423 or elanie.lagrange@gmail.com

Stellenbosch Wedding Music

As always, it stays our passion to play wedding music on violin and clarinet.  Although we’ve done hundreds of weddings over the past few years, we somehow never ended up playing at Stellenbosch “Moedergemeente”.  Most of the weddings we perform at, take place in the wine-lands and it was good to do a “church” wedding as it was rainy and Cape-Town-Cold on Saturday!  What a gorgeous church with high ceilings, solid wooden beams, lead glass windows and overall lovely architecture.


Book Violin & Clarinet duo at 0836054423 or drop Elanie an email at elanie.lagrange@gmail.com for enquiries and to book your live demo. Stellenbosch Wedding Music - wedding marches, wedding music while guests arrive, wedding music as you leave the church or sign the register. Book in advance!

Stellenbosch Moedergemeente Wedding Music

We had to seriously project to produce some decent tones, and the result was super lovely acoustics!

Thanks Anneke and Gideon for your friendliness and also for being so organized and in control.  It was a privilege to be part of your wonderful day and to be among your chirpy guests.  Anneke’s bridesmaids entered on Air on a G-string by Bach, and she followed on the classical Mendelssohn.

It was also a first for our duo to work with the well-known Stellenbosch Photograper, Nikki Meyer.  We’ll post some decent pics when Nikki’s done with the editing :-)

Anneke and Gideon tying the knot to live happily ever after. It was great to play you and your bridesmaids in on the ever-so-lovely Air and Mendelssohn!

24 May 2014 Stellenbosch Wedding

Book your violin and clarinet wedding music for your Stellenbosch Wedding – church or outside on the lawn – in advance.  6-8 Months is a good guide, but check for availability with Elanie on 0836054423 or drop her an e-mail.

Franschhoek Wedding Music at Haute Cabriere


Duo Decadence Wedding Duo performed as part of the Cape Wedding Trio at Haute Cabriere in Franschhoek – what a lovely venue and amazing sunset views!

Originally posted on Cape Wedding Trio:

Cape Wedding Trio performs Wedding Music in Cape Town, Franschhoek, Stellenbosch, on the West Coast and Constantia, Kirstenbosch, etc. Phone us on 0836054423 to check availability and to make a booking. Or mail us at elanie.lagrange@gmail.com - Looking forward to hear from you! Haute Cabriere Wedding Music

Yesterday Cape Wedding Trio set out to Franschhoek to play deep down in the romantic cellar at Haute Cabriere.

The acoustics were amazing and visitors even opened up the side doors to the cellar to find our music!

Haute Cabriere is situated about 1,5km from the Hugenote Monument in Franschhoek – really easy to find!  A lovely venue with unbelievable views during sunset and a venue that is well groomed with excellent service at all times.  Also an upmarket venue, but one that keeps the warmness and has a friendly approach – from the car guard to the restaurant manager.

Cape Wedding Trio performed at a 14 guest wedding at Haute Cabriere in the cellar and afterwards on the patio. Light classical music combined with "classics" like summertime, famous film music, the enyas and many more. Guests and visitors equally loved our music and we had a feast playing during the lovely sunset on the most perfect day in Franschhoek. Book your Franschhoek Wedding Music at 0836054423 or mail Elanie on elanie.lagrange@ gmail.com Franschhoek Wedding Music

The bride entered on Canon in D, to join her groom and 14 other guests.  With such an intimate wedding, our music featured more than usual and we had a fabulous time entertaining the wedding guests and other visitors to Haute Cabriere.


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Cape Wedding Trio ~ Avalon Bottelary Wedding Venue ~


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On Saturday Duo Decadence’s violinist and clarinetist performed with Cape Wedding Trio at Avalon, amazing wedding venue on the Bottelary Road, Stellenbosch.

Originally posted on Cape Wedding Trio:

Finally Cape Wedding Trio played at Avalon Farm!  We have heard so much about this intimate forest setting (for small weddings) on the Bottelary Road and all we could say was… it surpassed our wildest expectations! This amphi-theater  styled wedding venue seats about 100 guests, is sheltered and for sure qualifies as a “green wedding venue”!  The atmosphere is indescribable and the trio’s sound traveled quite some distance right down to the dam which offered guests the freedom to move around and still enjoy our music.  Wait for the best part… no wedding venue fee at Avalon Farm!

Renowned photographer, Catherine Mac, photographed Saturday’s wedding, but for now I’ll share some pics to wet your appetite :-)

Group Photo at Avalon, Bottelary Wedding Venue Group Photo at Avalon, Bottelary Wedding Venue

Cape Wedding Trio is a perfect choice for your Wedding Music in this forest-type wedding venue. No need for cables and electricity - our acoustic trio's sound carries wonderful and reaches quite far! By far the best wedding venue we've played at on Bottelary Road...very romantic and intimate setting. Good for about 100 guests. Book Cape Wedding Trio at 0836054423 Cape Wedding Trio at Avalon Forest Wedding Venue on Bottelary Road

This wedding has a few special stories attached to it.  Some romantic and others fascinating, but…

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Wedding Music Edenheim, Paarl


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Wedding Music for a small or medium sized wedding - call us on 0836054423 to book your wedding music. All wedding marches and music on violin and clarinet for your pre-drinks ceremony.

Wedding Music Edenheim

Last week our Wedding Music Duo, as part of the Cape Wedding Trio, set off in the same direction to a Rhebokskloof Wedding.  Yesterday we performed at Edenheim Wine Estate which is the perfect venue for your smaller wedding.

The bride’s mother entered on “Canon in D”, the bridesmaids on Bach’s famous and popular “Air on a G-string” and the bride on Wagner’s Wedding March.

Book your violin and clarinet duo to play you in on the wedding march, and we also entertain your guests on light classical pieces   during the pre-drinks ceremony. Call Elanie on 0836054423 to make your booking.

Wedding Music on Clarinet and Violin for Cape Town Weddings

Every bridal couple has their own ideas for their special day and yesterday the congregation sang one well-known hymn, but also the song “Fill The World with Love” from the movie “Goodbye, Mr Chips”.

Edenheim Wine Estate is an owner-managed wedding venue situated amongst the vineyards on the northern slopes of Paarl (in the Boland), with spectacular views of the Klein-Drakenstein mountains.  They combine old-fashioned values of caring and personal service, with modern ideas.  The service was indeed outstanding!  Thanks to all the waiters who came to stop by and see if we were still doing okay regarding something to drink.  It did not go unnoticed :-)

Book your summer 2014/2015 wedding music now - all popular wedding marches on violin and clarinet. Call Elanie on 0836054423 or drop her an email at elanie.lagrange@gmail.com

Edenheim Wedding Music

At every wedding, we collect some memories and a story or two to take home.  Yesterday the minister’s wife shared with us that she used to be a cello player and even took up the violin for some time.  Our performance reminded her of her youth and called for precious memories.  Our playing was definitely one of the highlights in her day.

The very friendly DJ Tom also introduced himself and it was great to exchange some wedding music facts and to build new relationships in the wedding industry – what a positive experience.  Thanks Tom for your kind words!

To book your summer 2014/2015 wedding music, call Elanie on 0836054423 or drop her an e-mail.

A good guideline is to book your wedding music roughly 6 months in advance.  Call us to check availability and to make your booking.  You can also arrange to have a (free) live demo where we meet and discuss your wedding music and where we play extracts from the wedding marches, etc.

Have a lovely week!

Wedding Music Cape Town on Violin and Clarinet, book our duo to play your wedding marches and to entertain your guests at the pre-drinks ceremony. Call Elanie on 0836054423 or drop her an email at elanie.lagrange@gmail.com

Violin and Clarinet Wedding Music

12 Apostles Wedding Memories


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Thanks Shireen for these photos!  Shireen Louw, official photographer on the day, captured each moment – whether extremely emotional or just simply bizarre or hectic funny, in such a way that we relived every part of Lynn and John’s wedding as if on the day.  She has amazing talent!

I share a few of my favourite pics that Shireen took.  In order to view all of these photos, click here.  Enjoy!

Wedding photography by Shireen Louw and Wedding music by Duo Decadence Wedding Musicians in Cape Town.Wedding photography by Shireen Louw and Wedding music by Duo Decadence Wedding Musicians in Cape Town.Wedding Music Cape Town

Stellenbosch Wedding Music ~ St Nicholas Catholic Chapel ~


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Our duo on violin and clarinet performed wedding music at St Nicholas Catholic Chapel in Stellenbosch when we came across this gorgeous Cadillac as we left the chapel on our way home. Stunning!

Wedding Cadillac at St Nicholas Catholic Church, Stellenbosch

Sometimes when you have not been to a charming wedding chapel in a while, and when you then revisit that chapel, it is simply amazing to experience the awe and beauty as if for the first time.

This is exactly what happened to us yesterday: our duo on violin and clarinet did not perform at St Nicholas Catholic Chapel in Stellenbosch for some time and it was stunning just to take our places on the side in front and to set up and play the bride in as if no time has passed.

Small Chapel in Stellenbosch for Catholic Weddings. Simply great acoustics with its wooden floors and with its solid wooden beams in the double volume ceilings.

Stellenbosch Chapel St Nicholas Catholic Church on 16 Paul Kruger

We were once again blown away with the chapel’s perfect acoustics.  Its wooden floors and solid wooden beams set in double volume ceilings make it very attractive to continuously fill the chapel with violin and clarinet sounds.

An old-world timeless chapel, therefore it remains one of our favourite chapels in Stellenbosch!

Playing at weddings as often as we do and experiencing different styles in weddings as we do, it is always mind boggling how each bride comes up with her own unique style.  Well done, Eimear – you simply looked a picture!

Get Duo Decadence to play your processional music at your small Chapel in Stellenbosch - a perfect choice to still have your favourite wedding march even without the traditional church organ. Romantic violin and clarinet for wedding ceremony. Book at elanie.lagrange@gmail.com

Stellenbosch Wedding Music St Nicholas Chapel

The beautiful Irish bride, Eimear O’Sullivan, finally got to marry her handsome prince and she entered the ceremony on the Canon in D.

The couple decided to get married in South Africa and in this way they could share our beautiful country with Eimear’s Irish family.

It was once again good to be part of the closeness and caring of family and friends as we did at yesterday’s wedding.

When the bride and groom approached us to personally thank us for the wedding music, it was a bonus and it is always good to hear from the bride’s mother herself that our music made a huge difference and created a lovely atmosphere before the ceremony started.

Remember: if you book us to provide music at your wedding ceremony, we include welcome music (as the guests arrive) as part of your first booking hour.  Contact Elanie at elanie.lagrange@gmail.com to check availability and to make your booking, or phone her on 0836054423.  Looking forward to hear from you!


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