Rhenish Missionary Church Stellenbosch ~ Wedding Music ~


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Our duo on Violin and Clarinet were honored to perform with Phebe la Grange, young former soprano soloist of the Tygerberg Childrens Choir. Such a lovely, pure voice! Contact Elanie in order to book 0836054423 or elanie.lagrange@gmail.com

Duo Decadence with Phebe la Grange

On Saturday, 11 February 2017, we performed at the historical Rhenish Missionary Church in Stellenbosch for Laylanie & Graig’s wedding.  A pretty little church with its bell towers, high ceilings and beautiful acoustics! Pretty as a postcard and a small piece of history in the middle of Stellenbosch.

It was an honour to do a special item in song at this wedding with Phebe la Grange, former soloist of the Tygerberg Children’s Choir – Cape Town’s proud musical export product and one of South Africa and the world’s best international children’s choirs.

Thanks Laylani for bringing us together!  It was a pleasure to perform with such a dedicated, musical, talented and young singer.  We now know why you chose the song “From this Moment”.  We know that with so much love between you, you and Graig are ready for this journey together.

Rhenish Missionary Church in Stellenbosch is a historical building with beautiful acoustics. We performed the wedding march and accompanied sopranist, Phebe La Grange (former soloist from the Tygerberg Childrens Choir) Contact Elanie for your wedding music on 083604423 or elanie.lagrange@gmail.com

Rhenish Missionary Church Stellenbosch

Our classical duo on violin and clarinet perform at weddings in the Cape Town/Stellenbosh and Boland areas.  We arrive well ahead of the ceremony to set up, warm and tune instruments and start playing as the first wedding guests arrive.  We play your bridesmaids in on their own song and then you, the bride, on your favourite wedding march.  If needed, we provide music for signing the register and we play you out on a triumphant celebratory  song.

You can also book us for your pre-drinks ceremony where we entertain guests on well-known light classical music while you have your photos taken.

To book your Wedding Music on Violin and Clarinet, e-mail Elanie on elanie.lagrange@gmail.com or phone/WhatsApp her on 0836054423.


Avontuur Wedding Music ~ 6 February 2017 ~


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Wedding Music Duo on violin and clarinet for your wedding march and canape hour, contact Elanie on 0836054423 or drop an e-mail at elanie.lagrange@gmail.com

Wedding Music Avontuur Estate

We simply love week-day weddings!  This morning Duo Decadence Wedding Music Duo set off to Avontuur Estate to perform at the of wedding of Carole Helsby & James Davis.

What an honour to have been part of this elderly couple’s wedding ceremony.  And also to be in the company of a 100 year old (James’ father)!  Such lovelyness.

We perform at quite a number of venues around Stellenbosch and Somerset West, but Avontuur Estate’s service at the Avontuur Estate Restaurant deserves special mention.  Thanks Melanie & Zunia and your amazing team of waitrons for welcoming us, looking after us, keeping our glasses full and making sure that we had proper shade for our instruments at all times.  We really appreciated your realness and friendly smiles.  We’ll be back soon with our friends and families!

Wedding Music at Avontuur Thoouroughbred Farm, Somerset West. Violin and clarinet duo for weddings and functions - contact Elanie on 0836054423 or mail elanie.lagrange@gmail.com

Horse Wire Artwork at Avontuur Estate

Avontuur Estate is also home to a thoroughbred farm and was established in the late 1980s by the late Tony Taberer.  So if you are a horselover, this  might be your perfect wedding venue!

Besides the horses, Avontuur Estate has been producing quality wine grapes for more than 140 years and also offers wine tastings and sell award-winning wines.

In order to book us for your Wedding or Function Music, call Elanie on 0836054423 or drop her an e-mail at elanie.lagrange@gmail.com




Wedding Music Riebeeck West ~ 21 January 2017 ~


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Violin Wedding Music for your summer (or winter) wedding, contact Elanie on 0836054423 or send and email at elanie.lagrange@gmail.com

Riebeeck West Summer 2017 Wedding Music

Violin Wedding Music in Riebeeck-West!

The small town of Riebeeck West is situated about 75 km North-East of Cape Town and 5km North of its  twin town, Riebeeck Kasteel in the Swartland area of the Western Cape.

This is where we performed for Colette and Handro’s wedding last Saturday.  In November 2015 our violin and clarinet wedding duo performed at Colette’s cousin’s wedding at D’Aria in Durbanville.  It was lovely to see the not-so-newly-weds-anymore again!

When you hire us to play at your wedding ceremony, we arrive more or less 40 minutes before the start of the ceremony to set up, warm and tune instruments.  As your first guests arrive, we start playing and do so until the bride arrives.  This creates a lovely, relaxed atmosphere and serves as an ice breaker where guests who do not necessarily know each other well, end up in lenthy conversations :-).

Our Cape Town wedding duo on violin and clarinet plays your favourite Wedding March as you enter the church/ceremony, music for the rings, lighting of the candles, signing of the register and also music as you leave the church.  Your bridesmaids can enter on their own special song, or also on the Wedding March – all depending on how you visualize your big day!

Drop us a mail at elanie.lagrange@gmail.com or contact Elanie on 0836054423 to check availability and make your wedding music booking.

Happy planning!




Tokara, Stellenbosch, Birthday Music


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While we are waiting for the wedding music season in Stellenbosch to kick off, we are enjoying some amazing birthday music gigs!

Last week we celebrated a lovely, stylish twenty first birthday with the birthday girl and her University of Cape Town student friends.  On short notice, we arranged Stevie Wonder’s “Happy Birthday” song for violin and clarinet and set off to play at Tokara Wine Estate.

Violin and clarinet duo for your Tokara twenty first birthday party. Call Elanie on 0836054423 or e-mail elanie.lagrange@gmail.com to book your live background music for your function.

Tokara 21st Birthday Music

While we set up, the birthday crowd had a wine tasting ceremony and soon after that they joined in for lunch.  We performed light classical music and some contemporary favourites as background music, which proved to be popular with the crowd :-).  They had a blast and were in and out for fun photo sessions and outside walks.  During the speeches we faded the music and resumed playing as they again settled into further celebrations and festive behaviour.

Tokara is a wise choice for a 21st birthday-party.  With the most outstanding service, views and hospitality no one can go wrong in choosing Tokara as their venue, no matter the type of function.  Though we were music service providers on the day, we were carried on the hands from our arrival till our departure and were taken care of as if it was our very own function they catered for.  Thanks Tokara!

Our Winter season was filled with birthday music gigs, but our wedding season bookings are now open for Summer 2016/7!  E-mail us on elanie.lagrange@gmail.com or phone Elanie on 0836054423.  Check availability and if you live in/around Stellenbosch, Cape Town, book your (free) live demo with us!








Stellenbosch Flying Club Wedding Music


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Stellenbosch Wedding Music at Stellenbosch Flying Club. Lovely views, friendly service!

View Stellenbosch Flying Club

On Friday late afternoon Cape Town was hit by stormy winds and rain.  Roads were blocked, trees were to be removed from highways and streets….and I was thinking about the poor bride that must get married today.  But true to Cape Town (and Stellenbosch) weather, Saturday morning came and the skies were clear!

We received a friendly welcome at the club and really did not know what to expect to play wedding music at a wedding at a flying club!  Needless to say… a very first for us.

The views are simply stunning and we quickly settled in and started playing as the first guests arrived.

We played the bride in on Mendelssohn’s Wedding March, Air by Bach while they exchanged rings and The Trumpet Voluntary as they left the ceremony to sign the register.

Cape Town Wedding Music hire violin and clarinet to play your wedding march and wedding pre-drinks ceremony music. Call Elanie on 0836054423 or e-mail on elanie.lagrange@gmail.com. You are welcome!

Violin and Clarinet for Cape Town and Stellenbosch Weddings

Brenda and Johannes were such a lovely couple and we wish them all the blessings in this world!  Thanks Jayne (Brenda’ mom) for hiring us to play at your daughter’s wedding and also for your kind words.  It means a lot to us :-).

You can hire the Duo Decadence Wedding Music duo on violin and clarinet to play your wedding march and live wedding ceremony/pre-drinks wedding music in the Cape Town, Stellenbosch/Paarl/Franschhoek areas. E-mail Elanie on elanie.lagrange@gmail.com or call Elanie on 0836054423.

Enquire about travel – if possible we can arrange to travel to your wedding destination.

You are most welcome to book your (free) live demo with us where we play excerpts from the popular Wedding Marches and this is where we meet and discuss all the wedding music for your day.



Violin Wedding Music at Lanserac Hotel (Stellenbosch, Cape Town)


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For your Violin Wedding Music, contact Elanie on elanie.lagrange@mail.com or WhatsApp/phone on 0836054423. Book your free live demo!

Lanserac Hotel and Spa Wedding Venue

Yesterday’s wedding at Lanserac was stylish, it was well-planned, in very good taste, luxurious and warm with lots of character, like its two main characters and other participants!

Thanks Zanele and Earl that you chose us to play your wedding music and your wedding march yesterday at Lanserac.

We felt like we  knew each other for many years.  It was such a pleasure to work with you guys, as you knew exactly what you were looking for and what style of music you had in mind.

When we arrived to set up and tune instruments, every staff member at Lanserac was exceptionally helpful and very friendly.


For Wedding Music on Violin and Clarinet, call Elanie on 083604423 to book your free live demo where we discuss your music, simply meet and play excerpts from our wedding music repertoire.

Cape Town Wedding Musicians

We played some pre-ceremony music while we waited for the bride to arrive.  This created a lovely atmosphere and extra  warmth on such a cold and rainy Autumn day in Cape Town.

Zanele chose J.S.Bach’s  Arioso for ther bridesmaids and little girls to enter the church.  For herself she chose Wagner’s Bridal March and what an entry she made!

With lots of confidence and prettiness, she made her way down the aisle to meet Earl.

After the ceremony, the DJ – from Your DJ – played her out on a traditional Xhosa song.

Zanele Lanserac WeddingOur duo on violin and clarinet went to set up outside and waited for the couple to return from where they went to sign the wedding register.

All the guests formed a guard of honour and as the couple descended from the stairs of the Cellar Hall, we played the Trumpet Tune.

Everyone started ululating and expressed their joy and happiness for the couple.

Other service providers at yesterday’s Lanserac’s wedding were:

What a lovely bunch of professionals!  We highly recommend them.

To book your Wedding Music on Violin and Clarinet, e-mail Elanie on elanie.lagrange@gmail.com or phone/WhatsApp her on 0836054423.



Zonnevanger Wedding Music (Paarl, Cape Town)


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Cape Town Wedding Music on violin and clarinet, wedding march at your wedding ceremony in Cape Town. Wedding Music to entertain your guests at pre-drinks to create a lovely relaxed atmosphere! Contact Elanie elanie.lagrange@gmail.com or 0836054423

Setting up to play Wedding Music at Zonnevanger

It is Easter week-end and it’s time for Wedding Music in Cape Town, but those of us living in Cape Town, knows that this probably means a few drops of rain!

However, yesterday when we arrived at Zonnevanger to play wedding music for Je-Maine and Brandon’s wedding, the skies were clear, because…

“Zonnevanger” means “Catching the sun” or “Catching your dreams!”

Like always, we arrived well in time to set up our instruments, warm up and tune.We then did the rounds and introduced ourselves to the very friendly, DJ “K9” and the wedding co-ordinator and started playing background wedding music as soon as the first guests arrived.

Guessed what?  Not a drop of rain!



The lovely mosaicked aisle at Zonnevanger, the arches with roses and our wedding music on violin and clarinet! To book your Cape Town Wedding Music on violin and clarinet, contact Elanie on 0836054423 or e-mail on elanie.lagrange@gmail.com

Zonnevanger Wedding Music

A Few changes had been made since we last visited Zonnevanger and they include:
  • the lovely Mosaicked Aisle
  • the decorated Iron Arches that leads up to the pulpit
  • the new Church Bell (that gets rung five times to announce the arrival of the bride) and also
  • “The Door”, a rustic wooden door that gets closed after all the guests have arrived and that gets opened again, specially for the bride!

What a lovely idea.  It makes the entrance just so much more special.


Also, the fact that the door gets closed and the Lovley Wedding car that blended well with our classical wedding music on violin and clarinet for this wedding in Paarl, Cape Town. For your live wedding music entertainment, call Elanie on 0836054423 or e-mail on elanie.lagrange@gmail.com We pride ourselves that we respond within the next hour! Waiting to hear from you!
bell gets rung, makes it very clear for your Wedding Musicians to exactly know that the bride is on her way!

Thanks Zonnevanger – that was a brilliant initiative!  We simply love the idea 🙂
The bride arrived in true classical style.  This classic car blended really well with our classical music on violin and clarinet and it absolutely resembled the style of the wedding.
Je-Maine also entered on the wedding march “Canon in D”, one of the most classical wedding marches.
Wedding Music Cape Town Zonnevanger. To book your wedding march on violin and clarinet, call Elanie on 0836054423 or e-mail on elanie.lagrange@gmail.com If you book our 2hour package for your wedding ceremony and pre-drinks hour, we offer a free live demo as part of our services!

Just Married!

And this is also what is wonderful about Zonnevanger – you can go vintage, classic, modern or basically apply any style which you love.

I came across this bicycle and “Just Married” suitcase, containing flowers in the same shade as the wedding flowers.
I’m sure this must have made lovely wedding pictures!
Well, to get back to the wedding music…after the rings, the signing  of the register and the “I do’s”, we moved over to the pre-drinks area to resume with background music and then switched over to our romantic light classical repertoire that includes songs like “Shrek’s Fairy Tale and Hallelujah”, “Over the Rainbow”, “Fly me to the moon” and many more toe-tapping numbers.

 Although it was really cold and windy outside, the atmosphere was warm and the guests were happy and smiling and even got entertained by filling out a cross word puzzle.  It might as well be a scene from the movie….a Cape Town Wedding Movie :

People hanging around with pencils and newspapers – laughing and trying to find the right answers, waiters moving through guests with mouth-watering canapés, and the band playing in the corner!

Even our wedding duo on violin and clarinet made the Wedding newspaper :-).
 Thanks Je-Maine and Brandon for hiring us to play a part on your lovely wedding day.

 In order to book Duo Decadence Wedding Musicians on violin & clarinet, simply e-mail Elanie on elanie.lagrange@gmail.com or call Elanie on 0836054423. You may also WhatsApp.

If you decide to book our ceremony and pre-drinks package, we offer a free live demo where we meet and discuss your wedding music and play excerpts from our Wedding Music Repertoire.
Looking forward to meet you!









Wedding Musicians in Cape Town for your Wedding Ceremony and Pre-Drinks Hour


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Before I share some vital points on choosing wedding musicians for your wedding ceremony in Cape Town, I just quickly want to remind our future clients of who exactly we are 🙂 and what we do.

Duo Decadence is a classical duo on violin and clarinet, performing a blend of music styles, from classical through to popular favourites, film music, ballads,  musicals, etc. at your wedding ceremony as well as during your photo hour.  We are based in Cape Town, South Africa.

Why us?

  • We are available! 24/7
  • Also available on Public Holidays
  • Personal and Friendly Service
  • An Extensive Wedding Music Repertoire
  • Performed at more than 50 venues
  • Punctual. (You may be late, not us!)
  • Experienced, Seasoned Wedding Musicians
  • Innovative, Creative & Flexible
  • Accommodating
  • Trusted

We basically take care of your wedding service and pre-drinks music while you sit back and plan the rest of your event.  Experience count for a lot when performing wedding music!  Strange things do happen at weddings, but we take care of everything unusual or anything unplanned.  Only because we are experienced in our field.  We know most of the popular wedding venues around Cape Town and Stellebosch.  Wedding venues we have previously performed at over the past few years, include:

Bakenhof, Nantes Estate, Boschendal, 12 Apostles Hotel and Spa, 401 Rozendal, Lanserac Hotel and Spa, Zonnevanger, Kirstenbosch Manor House, Kirstenbosch Sculpture Garden, Jonkershuis Groot Constantia, Webersburg, The Dunes, Nachtwacht, Klein Bottelary, La Paris, Haute Cabriere, Vrede en Lust, D’Aria, Domaine Brahms, Erinvale, Warwick, Neethlingshoof, Willow Brooks Country House, Rhebokskloof, D’Aria, Bon Cap, Ashanti, Grand Dedale, On the Rocks, Spier, Knorhoek, Vredenheim, Landtscap, Le Manoir de Brendel, Kronenburg, Molenvliet.

Our service includes a (free) live demo where we “meet & greet” and play excerpts from all the popular wedding marches as well as other wedding music so that you can choose what song best suits yourself and your bridesmaids’ entrances.  We’ll give you the very best advice we can and assist you all the way to the pulpit!

Although we play at a variety of functions, we have done well over one hundred weddings alone!  Our philosophy is simple… every bridal couple is unique, thus every wedding is unique and we’ll add to your event that “something uniqueness” to make your day memorable.  After all…people remember the music and the food!

How do you proceed to book us?

  • Enquire about availability
  • Arrange for a demo (if you live nearby)
  • Pay 50% deposit to secure your booking

Contact Elanie via e-mail: elanie.lagrange@gmail.com or phone her on 0836054423.

Looking forward to meet you!








St Anthony’s in the Valley Stellenbosch Violin Wedding Music


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Live violin and clarinet music for weddings at St Anthony's in the Valley Chapel, Stellenbosch. E-mail elanie.lagrange@gmail.com in order to make your booking.

Beautiful Stained Glass Windows

Just short of three years ago, we played the Wedding March for the very first time at a Wedding at St Anthony’s Chapel (Stellenbosch) .  Every time we perform here, we share the same experience of a charming chapel with lovey acoustics, an adorable and intimate building with great character.



Violin & Clarinet duo that regularly performs at St Anthony's Chapel in Stellenbosch. E-mail elanie.lagrange@gmail.com in order to make a booking for your wedding music.

St Anthony’s in the Valley Chapel Annandale Road



It was good to be back and to have the privilege of performing wedding music at St Anthony’s once more .

We are a duo on violin and clarinet.  We perform light classical music as your wedding guests arrive, then the bridal march for the entry of the bride.  If you have bridesmaids, they may enter on a different piece of music.  Then after the ceremony and after the register has been signed, the guests leave the building and we play the newly weds out on a triumphant piece of music.

E-mail us on elanie.lagrange@gmail.com to make your booking for live classical wedding music at St Anthony’s Chapel.

Also read this article on one of our previous playing experiences at St Anthony’s in the Valley.

Violin Serenade at Willow Brooks Country House Somerset West


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They celebrated their 16th wedding anniversary, but with him being in the Maldives and she in Somerset West, this hubby needed to be extremely romantic and creative!  He organized for us to perform their favourite Stevie Wonder song,” I just call to say I love you”.  And he specifically wanted romantic violin.

Hire us on violin and clarinet to perform a love song for your wedding anniversary. Violin and clarinet duo at your service! Call Elanie on0836054423 or mail at elanie.lagrange@ggmail.com

Violin serenade for Wedding Anniversary

Being apart on your wedding anniversary is not always easy, but at least it does not mean it cannot be romantic!

The staff at Willow Brook Country House quickly (and secretly) organized a romantic setting on the back lawn of the Country House while we set up our music stands and unpacked instruments for the big moment.


Celebrate your wedding anniversary with romantic violin, red roses and champagne! Call Elanie on 0836054423 or email elanie.lagrange@gmaill.com

Violin, Red roses & Champagne to celebrate your wedding anniversary!

They then blindfolded the special lady and steered her right onto the scene – with her husband on Skype! This was awesomely romantic and a very touching moment for everyone present.  One of the staff members removed the blindfold and we immediately welcomed her, introduced ourselves and dedicated the special song to her by simply playing our hearts out.  She was very much surprised and we could notice that this meant the world to her.

Her husband also organized for their favourite (ice cold) champagne and a huge bunch of red roses.

What a lovely, thoughtful idea to shorten the miles between them…. and we could be a part in all of this!  What a blessing.  And what an unusual wedding anniversary surprise!

You can book us for your next occasion at elanie.lagrange@gmail.com or call Elanie on 0836054423.